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Edinburgh International Film Festival 2016

The following are films that are expected to be available in the 2016 videotheque. This list may change and we will update it regularly during the festival.

Updated: 21 June 2016

A Love Story - Anushka Naanayakkara (Short 7 min Animation)

A Man Returned - Mahdi Fleifel (Short 30 min Shorts)

A Night in Tokoriki (O noapte în Tokoriki) - Roxana Stroe (Short 18 min Shorts)

A Patch of Fog - Michael Lennox (Feature 92 min Best of British)

A Reykjavík Porno - Graeme Maley (Feature 81 min Best of British)

A Subsequent Fulfilment of a Pre-Historic Wish - Johannes Gierlinger (Short 9 min Black Box)

A Well Spent Afternoon - Martin Turk (Short 8 min Shorts)

Adult Life Skills - Rachel Tunnard (Feature 96 min Best of British)

Aloys - Tobias Nölle (Feature 91 min European Perspectives)

Alpacas (Alpakat) - Anastasia Lobkovski (Short 18 min Focus on Finland)

An Ecstatic Experience - Ja'Tovia M Gary (Short 6 min Shorts)

Anóme - Lena Ditte Nissen (Short 13 min Black Box)

Avalanche (Bahman) - Morteza Farshbaf (Feature 90 min World Perspectives)

Away - David Blair (Feature 110 min Best of British)

Bannan (Series 3 Episodes 1 - 3) - Tony Kearney, Christopher Young, Mairead Hamilton & Cristin MacKenzie (Event 90 min Special Events)

Batrachian's Ballad (Balada de um Batráquio) - Leonor Teles (Short 11 min Shorts)

Before Love - Igor Kovalyov (Short 20 min Animation)

Bernie and Rebecca - Melissa Kent (Short 15 min Shorts)

Bigger Than The Shining - An experiment by Mark Cousins (Feature 90 min Special Events)

Bleak Street (La calle de la amargura) - Arturo Ripstein (Feature 100 min Directors’ Showcase)

Borderlines - Hanka Nováková (Short 5 min Animation)

Brakes - Mercedes Grower (Feature 84 min Best of British)

Brothers (Brødre) - Aslaug Holm (Feature 110 min Documentaries)

BUGS - Andreas Johnsen (Feature 73 min Documentaries)

Capital Cuba - Johann Lurf (Short 12 min Black Box)

Carousel - Kal Weber (Short 5 min Shorts)

Cheer Up - Christy Garland (Feature 86 min Focus on Finland)

Chicago Boys - Carola Fuentes, Rafael Valdeavellano (Feature 85 min Documentaries)

Cinema, Mon Amour - Alexandru Belc (Feature 74 min Documentaries)

Code Red - Sabrina Doyle (Short 15 min Shorts)

Crowman - Duncan Nicoll (Short 15 min Shorts)

Dave - Garry J Marshall, Chris Watson (Short 12 min Shorts)

Deer Flower - Kangmin Kim (Short 8 min Animation)

DISPORTING WITH A SHADOW - Paul Clipson (Short 4 min Black Box)

Diving into the Unknown (Takaisin pintaan) - Juan Reina (Feature 85 min Focus on Finland)

Elli - Esther Urlus (Short 8 min Black Box)

Empty Space (Tühi ruum) - Ülo Pikkov (Short 10 min Animation)

Estate - Ronny Trocker (Short 7 min Shorts)

Expression of the Sightless - Jessica Sarah Rinland (Short 7 min Shorts)

Faithful - Rory Alexander Stewart (Short 16 min Shorts)

Fire, Water, Air (Feu, Eau, Air) - Anne Murat, David Bart (Short 15 min Shorts)

Fish Point - Pablo Mazzolo (Short 7 min Black Box)

FISHWITCH - Adrienne Dowling (Short 10 min Animation)

Fly, Fly Sadness (Vole, vole tristesse) - Miryam Charles (Short 7 min Shorts)

FOOTAGE - Minjung Kim (Short 3 min Black Box)

Forsaken - Jon Cassar (Feature 90 min World Perspectives)

Gary Numan: Android in La La Land - Steve Read, Rob Alexander (Feature 85 min Documentaries)

Go Home - Jihane Chouaib (Feature 98 min European Perspectives)

Grimm Street - Siri Rodnes (Short 17 min Shorts)

Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story - Daniel Raim (Feature 94 min Documentaries)

Here There - Alexander Stewart (Short 5 min Black Box)

History's Future - Fiona Tan (Feature 95 min European Perspectives)

Hux - Mageina Tovah (Short 12 min Shorts)

I Don't Think I Can See an Island - Christopher Becks, Emmanuel Lefrant (Short 4 min Black Box)

I'm Good with Plants - Thomas Harnett O'Meara (Short 8 min Animation)

Illusions - Dominica Harrison (Short 5 min Animation)

In Marfa - Jeremy Moss (Short 3 min Black Box)

In Other Words (Bemilim Aherot) - Tal Kantor (Short 6 min Animation)

Incident Light (La luz incidente) - Ariel Rotter (Feature 95 min World Perspectives)

Irradiant Field - Laura Kraning (Short 10 min Black Box)

Isabella - Ross Hogg, Duncan Cowles (Short 9 min Animation)

Jet Trash - Charles Henri Belleville (Feature 86 min Best of British)

KAIROS - Elisa Ribes, Stefano Canapa (Short 11 min Black Box)

Ken and Kazu (Ken to Kazu) - Hiroshi Shoji (Feature 98 min World Perspectives)

L'Oiseau de la Nuit (O Pássaro da Noite) - Marie Losier (Short 20 min Shorts)

Lampedusa - Mariangela Ciccarello, Philip Cartelli (Short 14 min Black Box)

Lapland Odyssey 2 (Napapiirin sankarit 2) - Teppo Airaksinen (Feature 86 min Focus on Finland)

Last Acre - Nick Jordan, Jacob Cartwright (Short 11 min Black Box)

Lethe - Kat Michaelides (Short 9 min Animation)

Lick Us, Meow, Meow! (Léchez-nous, Miaou, Miaou!) - Marie de Maricourt (Short 17 min Shorts)

Limitless - Stephanie Young (Short 3 min Black Box)

Love and Loopholes - Jane Mumford (Short 8 min Animation)

Lowlife Love (Gesu no ai) - Eiji Uchida (Feature 110 min World Perspectives)

Macbeth Unhinged - Angus Macfadyen (Feature 89 min Best of British)

Mammal - Rebecca Daly (Feature 99 min European Perspectives)

Man - Maja Borg (Short 13 min Shorts)

Markku and Me - Lauri Danska (Short 24 min Focus on Finland)

Maschile - Roma - Friedl vom Gröller (Short 3 min Black Box)

Masha Natasha - Fred Burle, Marie Losier, Janin Halisch, Cécile Tollu-Polonowski (Short 15 min Shorts)

Mast Qalandar - Divij Roopchand (Short 15 min Shorts)

May a Hundred Bolts of Lightning Open You (Cem Raios t'Abram) - Cem Raios t'Abram Collective (Short 14 min Shorts)

Meet Me By The Water - Raisah Ahmed (Short 14 min Shorts)

Miss (Kaipuu) - Sanna Liljander (Short 5 min Focus on Finland)

Moon Dogs - Philip John (Feature 90 min Best of British)

Mr Madila - Rory Waudby-Tolley (Short 9 min Animation)

My Feral Heart - Jane Gull (Feature 83 min Best of British)

My Name Is Emily - Simon Fitzmaurice (Feature 94 min European Perspectives)

Neither Wolf Nor Dog - Steven Lewis Simpson (Feature 110 min American Dreams)

No Place Like Home - Cat Bruce (Short 13 min)

Nœvus - Samuel Yal (Short 8 min Black Box)

Numb - Yuka Sato (Short 7 min Black Box)

Oh Gallow Lay - Julian Wayser (Short 22 min Shorts)

On the Invention of the Wheel - Richard Tuohy (Short 14 min Black Box)

Orange Trill - G Anthony Svatek (Short 4 min Black Box)

Pale Star - Graeme Maley (Feature 80 min Best of British)

Peripheria - David Coquard-Dassault (Short 12 min Animation)

Pikadero - Ben Sharrock (Feature 97 min Best of British)

Prima Materia - Charlotte Pryce (Short 3 min Black Box)

Record/Record - Robert Duncan (Short 5 min Animation)

Remembering the Pentagons - Azadeh Navai (Short 23 min Shorts)

River - Jamie M Dagg (Feature 88 min World Perspectives)

Roger Ballen's Theatre of Apparitions  - Emma Calder, Ged Haney (Short 5 min Animation)

Roundtrip - Philippe Leonard (Short 3 min Black Box)

Saint Amour - Benoît Delépine, Gustave Kerven (Feature 101 min European Perspectives)

Santoalla - Andrew Becker, Daniel Mehrer (Feature 83 min Documentaries)

Sea Child - Minha Kim (Short 7 min Shorts)

Seat in Shadow - Henry Coombes (Feature 80 min Best of British)

Seoul Station (Seoulyeok) - Yeon Sang-ho (Feature 92 min Directors’ Showcase)

Shadow World - Johan Grimonprez (Feature 90 min Documentaries)

Sick (Bolesno) - Hrvoje Mabić (Feature 95 min Documentaries)

Silent Laughs - Natalia Kouneli (Short 10 min Shorts)

Sixty Six - Lewis Klahr (Feature 90 min Black Box)

Slash - Clay Liford (Feature 100 min American Dreams)

So we do sometimes think because it has been found to pay. Wittgenstein's House. (Manchmal also denkt man, weil es sich bewährt hat. Wittgensteins Haus.) - Lotte Schreiber (Short 20 min Shorts)

Solitary Acts #5 - Nazli Dinçel (Short 6 min Shorts)

Spermwhore - Anna Linder (Short 12 min Shorts)

Spoetnik - Noël Loozen (Short 11 min Shorts)

Spores - Richard Poet, Frances Poet (Short 15 min Shorts)

Squame - Nicolas Brault (Short 4 min Animation)

Starfish - Bill Clark (Feature 92 min Best of British)

Stockholm 6 - Magnus Lenneskog (Short 9 min Animation)

Strawberry or Vanilla - Tracey Fearnehough, Holger Mohaupt (Short 21 min Shorts)

Suntan - Argyris Papadimitropoulos (Feature 104 min European Perspectives)

Swan - Lindsay Brown (Short 15 min Shorts)

Territory - Eleanor Mortimer (Short 17 min Shorts)

The Alan Dimension - Jac Clinch (Short 8 min Animation)

The Fin (Evä) - Jarno Elonen (Short 18 min Focus on Finland)

The Founders - Charlene Fisk, Carrie Schrader (Feature 89 min Documentaries)

The Frame - Lars Koens, Demelza Kooij (Short 7 min Shorts)

The Head Vanishes (Une tête disparaît) - Franck Dion (Short 9 min Animation)

The Inverted Peak - The Brothers McLeod, Tom Angell (Short 6 min Animation)

The Islands and the Whales - Mike Day (Feature 83 min Documentaries)

The Lamps - Shelly Silver (Short 4 min Shorts)

The Last Day - Muqing Shu (Short 6 min Animation)

The Love Witch - Anna Biller (Feature 120 min Night Moves)

The Lure (Córki Dancingu) - Agnieszka Smoczyńska (Feature 92 min European Perspectives)

The Man Who Was Thursday - Balazs Juszt (Feature 95 min European Perspectives)

The Masked Monkeys - Anja Dornieden, Juan David González Monroy (Short 30 min Black Box)

The Mess - Peter Burr (Short 14 min Black Box)

The Mine (Jättiläinen) - Aleksi Salmenperä (Feature 94 min Focus on Finland)

The Model - Mads Matthiesen (Feature 107 min European Perspectives)

The Northleach Horror - David Cairns (Short 15 min Shorts)

The Rat King - Pavel Shepan (Short 18 min Shorts)

The Review - Wilma Smith (Short 15 min Shorts)

The Soloist (Sooloilija) - Katri A Vanhatalo (Short 3 min Focus on Finland)

The Wrong End of the Stick - Terri Matthews (Short 10 min Animation)

There Is Land! (Há Terra!) - Ana Vaz (Short 12 min Shorts)

To Build a Fire (Construire un feu) - Fx Goby (Short 13 min Animation)

Toré - João Vieira Torres, Tanawi Xucuru Kariri (Short 15 min Black Box)

Transit Zone - Frederik Subei (Short 32 min Shorts)

Transmission from the Liberated Zones - Filipa César (Short 30 min Shorts)

Twice upon a Time (Kan ya Ma Kan... Marratayn) - Niam Itani (Feature 74 min Documentaries)

Un Double Moment de Poche Saturé - Laurent Berger (Short 5 min Black Box)

Vintage Print - Siegfried A Fruhauf (Short 13 min Black Box)

War - Nilesh Bell Gorsia (Short 5 min Shorts)

War and Peace of Mind (Sota ja mielenrauha) - Ari Matikainen (Feature 72 min Focus on Finland)

Waste no. 2 Wreck - Jan Ijäs (Short 11 min Focus on Finland)

What We Know - Marion Pilowsky (Short 9 min Shorts)

Where We Are Now - Lucie Rachel (Short 12 min Shorts)

Whisky Galore! - Gillies MacKinnon (Feature 98 min Closing Night Gala)

Ý Berá - Bright Waters (Ý Berá - Aguas de Luz) - Jessica Sarah Rinland (Short 10 min Shorts)

Yapi - Aaron Khandros, Nathaniel Draper (Short 9 min Black Box)

This list is updated regularly. Please email videotheque@edfilmfest.org.uk to enquire about availability of specific films.

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